Divorce Appraisals

     Even in an amicable divorce, an accurate market value opinion is important.  Why?  Because the equity in the residence (equity = market value less secured debt) many times represents the single largest dividable asset.  Appraisals for divorce disposition require a well-supported, highest-quality, professional opinion of market value that is defensible in court.  The Ethical provisions within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) bind and ensure both my full discretion, as well as my impartiality.

Why use Lagasse Appraisal? 

    First, divorce is a difficult process, and I know how to handle the sensitive needs of the parties involved -- when you retain me for an appraisal, please be assured that you will get unmatched discretion, courtesy, and professional service.

    Second, I've earned the highest possible State License:  Certified General Appraiser.  I appraise a wide range of property types in Vermont and New Hampshire, and have appraised over 1,000 residential properties in the past 15 years. 

    Third, I am an expert at performing retroactive appraisals, with an effective date and value that match the date of divorce, and/or any other date that might be required.  For example, if one party owned the residence before the marriage, a retroactive appraisal helps by providing a 'baseline', and can assist in protecting equity assets brought into the marriage by this partner.  In one case, I saved a client tens of thousands of dollars by demonstrating that most of the appreciation in a jointly-owned property had occurred prior to the marriage.