Estate & Estate Planning Appraisals
        Executors generally require an appraisal to establish a Fair Market Value as of the date of death. Having a decedent's real estate holdings professionally appraised provides an executor with the defensible facts and figures she/he needs to meet IRS and State agency requirements.  I understand the needs of executors and attorneys, and how to deal professionally with all involved parties.

        I provide narrative appraisal reports that are significantly superior to the standard 'form' reports most appraisers use.  My appraisal reports meet the requirements of all courts and State or Federal agencies. 

Settling an estate is an important and stressful undertaking.  As an executor, you have been entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased as thoroughly as possible. You can count on me to act professionally, and with sensitivity to the feelings of everyone involved.  The ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) insures my full discretion and confidentiality.