Welcome to Lagasse Appraisal - I'm Steve Lagasse, and over the past 34 years I've provided more than 2,000 professional real estate valuations to attorneys, land trusts, not-for-profits, municipalities, State agencies, federal agencies, financial institutions and private parties.  I'm an Upper Valley native and have been a resident for 49 years -- for the past 28, I've been living, working and serving the community here in White River Jct.  For a better idea of who I am, please click on the Qualifications/Resume link to the left.

  The fastest way to reach me is by email at:  LagasseAppraisal@gmail.com

    I specialize in the following professional valuation services:

  • Conservation Easement valuation for Land Trusts and individuals
  • Appraisals for IRS Conservation Easement charitable donations
  • Appraisals for IRS Charitable real property donations
  • Appraisals for private parties
  • Appraisals for Trusts
  • Appraisals for Estate taxation
  • Appraisals for Estate planning
  • Appraisals for Gift taxation
  • Appraisals for private purchases
  • Appraisals for the private purchase of abutting properties
  • Appraisals for assessment challenges
  • Waterfront property appraisals
  • Retroactive/Forensic appraisals
  • Appraisal Review

I do not provide appraisals for divorce or financing purposes.

   Lagasse Appraisal offers: 

  • Highest Better Business Bureau (BBB) Certification/rating:  A+
  • Highest State Certification/licensing
  • High-quality narrative appraisal reports
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and discrete service
  • Electronic report delivery

Spend some time learning more about what an appraisal is and what appraisers do.  Have questions?  As I mentioned above, the best way to contact me is by e-mail.